> By Graham Coyle & Liviu Căprar

Dear EurECA partners,

I want to draw your attention to Revive Europe https://www.reviveeurope.org/, an initiative to draw together 18-30s ‘from every corner of Europe to pursue revival in the University world and beyond’.  I discovered it through an EEA gathering I ‘Zoomed’ into recently and was really impressed with what they are doing.  Not only is it directly relevant to older students and younger teachers, they are also in desperate need of ‘more mature’ mentors to assist with the upcoming conference.  I am certain many of you would do a fine job of helping and inspiring a younger generation through this organisation.

In addition, there are several other groups we are aware of pursuing the same goal of making Jesus known to students across the continent of Europe.  Here are the details of a few.

and of course

May we see Jesus bringing transformation in this generation across our nations!