I&K – a network of VO schools and three Christian HBO institutions.

Our joint mission is that we work on connecting Christian identity with education in the subjects. This network is a unique network in the Netherlands. It connects schools from different backgrounds: evangelical schools, Reformed schools, Protestant Christian schools and Reformed schools. We place different accents within these schools. But we share the desire to listen to the Bible together. To point out to students the different perspective that is offered to us in the Bible. That requires thinking and doing, whereby we mainly have the teacher in view.

In everyday practice, the connection between our identity and the lesson must be given hands and feet. That is about who we are as a teacher. But it is also about how we deal with our teaching material.
This does not happen automatically, and in many cases it has not been discussed in teacher education. A lot has been thought about in recent years. By colleges, but also in an I&K context. A lot of material has been developed over the years. Teachers made their own lessons or added something to their lesson in order to direct the student’s gaze that other way. That resulted in good practices. It also sometimes inspired didactic innovation. And deepening of the curriculum. And thus contributed to the quality of education. Maybe not nice enough to take it to a publisher. But nice enough to share it with colleagues. They benefit from that. And that inspires you to get started with it yourself.

That is what the I&K network stands for: inspiring and connecting colleagues around their teaching. With support from the colleges. And together with the drivers. To give shape to Christian education in the 21st century.

The “Identity and Quality” network is a unique network in the Netherlands. Christian schools from the various Protestant denominations (Protestant-Christian, Reformed, Evangelical and Reformed) work together in this network to reflect on the identity in the subject areas of secondary education. Teachers who are inspired to think about their subject at a deeper level will naturally also work on the level of their lessons. Therefore the name “Identity and Quality”. click for map

Write us a mail: marktmeester@ienknetwerk.nlĀ