Dear friends, after quite a lot of effort, my first, and so far my best book, is now available from Amazon.  I’ve written it to help Christian teachers, wherever, whatever and however they’re teaching, to discover more of God’s beautiful purpose for them, and His desire to reveal Himself to their pupils. To Infinity and Turn Left: Exploring God's Purpose for Christian Teachers by [Graham Coyle]

To be honest, and I might be wrong here, I don’t think there is anything quite like this available.  It’s not a ‘how to’ manual, it’s a collection of stories, most from my own teaching career.  I’ve drawn out the lessons God has helped me to learn through them, in the hope will encourage and inspire many, many others.

 My aim now is to connect with as many Christian teachers as possible, so I’m asking you to help me, please.

 –   Read through the two chapters I’ve attached to the email.  They are not too long and will take you around 7 minutes each.

 –  If you like them, consider buying a copy for yourself, and perhaps one (or two) to give away to others.

 –  If you are part of a teachers’ network, have access to any teaching publications or online groups, or have friends who are teachers, please tell them about the book.  Feel free to send them the sample chapters, so they can try before they buy.

That’s it, that’s all I’m asking.  The book is available to pre-order now, at a discounted price, until the 4th June when it is officially published.  My prayer is that this book will add to all that the Father is doing in education across the world, and result in many thousands of pupils discovering the wonder and magnificence of Jesus for themselves.  If you can help that process at all, I’d be grateful.

 Grace and health at this time to all of your homes,



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To Infinity and Turn Left – Telling Your Best Story as a Christian Teacher