by Eunice Lammers

David Kinnaman describes Faith For Exiles in his book. 5 Ways for a New Generation to Follow Jesus in Digital Babylon “that young people with a Christian background face in their lives.

Last October I was in Hungary for the International Educational Leadership Conference of ACSI. One of the organizers (Roslyn Barnes) asked me if I wanted to participate in a mail session with Christian colleagues from different countries. We read a chapter from the Kinnaman book every week and discuss our experiences and questions. It is very special to know you are connected with a colleague in Hong Kong, who is going through difficult times. It is also encouraging to read about teachers in Malaysia and Canada who have students who have the same questions about religion as my students. It greatly motivates me to read a book together about guiding students to follow Jesus while we live in exile. I am again determined that our Dutch school communities are very blessed; we just get a subsidy from the government. In Romania, for example, a Christian school is assigned a building that is leaking from the roof and the students walk around the pools of water to attend their lessons.

As exiles, it becomes more and more important to encourage, strengthen, and pray for each other, even though we live miles apart!